A seamless digital-physical shopping experience

Grocery shopping transformed with the onset of self-scanning, but you still needed to use specific hardware and pay through a physical terminal. Not anymore. Together with Coop, we’ve created a frictionless shopping experience, straight from the palm of your hand. Simply use your own mobile to scan groceries and pay the way you want. Scan & Pay makes life easier for customers and allows Coop to rapidly scale its omni-channel shopping experience.

We went from start to beta in just 3.5 months, and we launched in Coop’s flagship store within the next 3.5 months. We moved with such speed by having one clear vision, united cross-functional teams, and an agile sprint based design process. We were led by data, continuously prototyping and testing, with technology and strategic objectives to guide us.

“In five years, Coop will have the world’s best grocery shopping experience”

Amer Mohammed,
Chief Digital Officer, Coop Sweden

Coop’s new mobile self-scanning application is the first step in an extensive roadmap that includes integrating new value services such as allergy mapping, auto-generated contextual shopping lists, health-based product recommendations, sustainable shopping filters and so much more. We’re taking personalisation to the next level with total customer-centricity.

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