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Supporting small and medium businesses

Visa, the world’s largest payment network, shares a strong bond with small and medium businesses, offering tailored services to simplify their operations. To honor this relationship and highlighting the connection between them and Visa, we produced local authentic films shining a spotlight on the passionate individuals behind the businesses.

From Wikströms Fisk in the archipelago of Stockholm to dedicated editor-in-chief and artist in Riga, these films capture the essence of their stories, origins and aspirations. Where Visa has stood by them, supporting their vision for the future.

Tap To Phone


One of the tailored services Visa is offering is Tap To Phone – a groundbreaking payment innovation streamlining daily transactions. The solution enables vendors to effortlessly accept secure contactless payments using their cell phones, eliminating the need for expensive payment terminals. To unveil Tap To Phone, we created a commercial set in Copenhagen, showcasing how this innovation simplifies the lives of small business vendors and their customers.

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