A data led energy experiment

During the 2021/2022 transition, Sweden and Europe were in the midst of an energy crisis. Everyone became interested in energy prices but the understanding of the energy system was very low. E.ON had to regain consumer trust and create a format where they could tell their story. Something that was very difficult to achieve through traditional media channels due to people’s preconceptions.

Through multiple entertaining non-skip ads and bumpers, we managed to amplify online video impact. The campaign achieved a remarkable boost in brand image, soaring from 2.3 to 4 without TV ads. Ad awareness hit a four-year high among residential customers (30.5%) and a one-year peak among all Swedes (11.4%) without TV or out-of-home ads.

Meeting the media efficiency goals was pivotal—non-skippable ad completion rates surpassed 95%, and a skippable video achieved a remarkable 68% view-through rate, significantly contributing to the overall success.

The campaign surpassed expectations, prompting 14% energy savings among E.ON customers, doubling the national average.

*All campaign content created by BBDO Nordics

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