The art of combining data, tech stack and creativity

As we progress towards a cashless society, VISA had to prepare itself to the new norm of chip & pin payments. There were however challenges in the form of consumers security worries and lack of knowledge of use and benefits compared to debit and credit cards. We had to educate and make them feel safe. The challenge also laid in the complexity of the message which was challenging to convey in traditional formats.

Our solution was a customized banner where we integrated a chatbot directly into the banner. ‘Chatvertising’- a talking banner. We could thereby educate the user about the usage and benefits and make them feel safe by empowering them with relevant information.

"To combine data, technology and creative output is a challenge that few achieve doing successfully. The choice of mediaformat shows insights into our behaviours, the possibilities of technology, and the courage to connect them together"

Guldnyckel jury's motivation

VISA Chatvertising engaged with and educated the target audience with fantastic results. +300% in engagement compared to previously run VISA campaigns and a stunning 370,000 new active users of mobile payments.

For this campaign, Publicis was awarded Guldnyckeln’s Best Martech campaign, 2021.

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