Driving brand recognition through storytelling

Njie’s mission is to help people live an active and healthy life. However, they lacked a strong brand and storytelling. We found that for the new generation, an active and healthy lifestyle means creativity, music, having fun and making the most of your day in life. Our insights also showed that online video is the most popular media format on social media in Sweden.

Social influencers and creators work hard by staying relevant for their audience by creating relevant content. To inspire our target audience, we created a social media experiment where Njie enabled the influencers to produce their best possible content. We called it Njie House – Six well-known influencers stayed under the same roof for 30 days in a re-made retail store in central Stockholm. The participants were given daily experiments to create content that was distributed on their YouTube channels. The objective was to drive engagement and reach for the Youtubers and deliver Njie’s brand message of an active and healthy lifestyle.

The employed strategy seemed to have perfectly aligned with the aspirations and interests of today’s youth. By leveraging social media and influencer culture to promote Njie’s brand message of an active and healthy lifestyle, we got a massive attention through PR and earned media, 10.7 million views and 1 400 Instagram stories. Sales value increased 40% from January to May as well as a sales increase of 26%. With the fun and creative concept, we helped Njie create a higher recognition rate and a new vision of what a healthy lifestyle is all about.

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